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Investigate leaders and leadership to improve your effectiveness as a leader


(Curso semi-presencial em Inglês) 


R$ 1.500,00 

Em até 18 X 

PLB PROFESSIONAL LANGUAGES BRAZIL will give extra study tuition, present extra material  and help students with no level of English to follow the course so as to achieve an international certificate and therefore improve his/her professional profile. 

Classes will be held at PLB in Teresina. 




In this course over the next two weeks, we look to answer the question: ‘What is leadership?’ In the first week we explore two fundamental perspectives on leadership: leader as a person and leadership as a practice. In Week 2 we examine the difference between leadership and management so you can determine whether you are a leader in a management role, a leader without a management role, or a manager who needs to become a leader. By exploring sources of power and influence, and how perception shapes behaviour, you will be able to address important issues more effectively.





This thought provoking course will help to discover more about yourself and others as we explore:

  • why leadership is different to management
  • what effective leadership is
  • what types of power are needed to be a leader
  • how you can influence other people at work
  • how individual differences shape the way people see leadership
  • What will you achieve?

    By the end of the course, you'll be able to...

    • Explain what leadership means
    • Investigate leader role models and what they represent
    • Explore how you and others around you use personal power
    • Investigate the effect that individual differences have on leadership
    • Identify how leadership thinking has changed over the years

    Who is the course for?

    This course will assist busy professionals who already have management responsibilities and experience but need to expand their knowledge and capabilities in leading organisations.

    Take your learning to the next stage

    This course is a free introduction to a Deakin University postgraduate degree in Leadership which can be done on FutureLearn

    Who will you learn with?

    Andrea North-Samardzic

    Andrea North-Samardzic


    Dr Andrea North-Samardzic is a Lecturer in the Department of Management at Deakin Business School. She teaches in the MBA and other postgraduate programs and researches contemporary leadership issues


    Who developed the course?

    Deakin University is Australia’s eighth largest university with more than 53,000 students from more than 100 countries studying online and on-campus!

    Obs. This course is available on www.futurelearn.com 



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